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Hexagon Xalt provides a powerful framework for accelerating digital transformation and the ability to leverage your IoT data.

sensemetrics The Industrial IoT solution that effortlessly connects organizations, people, and machines, centralizing sensor data and providing real-time insight.

ProcessMiner is an intelligent industrial automation company providing powerful process analytics for manufacturers to achieve perfect production.

SmartAcqua is the Best Solution to Manage Water Loss at Water Distribution Companies based in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Litmus enables data collection, analytics, and management with an Intelligent Edge Computing Platform for IIoT.

The Cantier MES (Manufacturing Execution System) helps manufacturers automate shop floor activities.

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Smart Manufacturing: Why Digitizing Factories Is Critical Now

By: Vatsal Shah*

Talk of smart manufacturing has reached a fever pitch in the past year, but recent market conditions shed light on where most manufacturers stand in their journeys to digitize the factory floor. Many manufacturers were caught “with their pants down” so to speak, perhaps with multimillion-dollar Industry 4.0 or IoT initiatives in the works, but without any results to show for their efforts.

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Internet de las Cosas revoluciona el sector minero

El sector minero experimenta una revolución de Internet de las cosas (IoT), con compañías que reportan aumentos significativos en la adopción de equipos conectados para garantizar la seguridad de las operaciones y la eficiencia.

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