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  • Innovation

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Your IoT Technology Distributor for Latin America

Industrial IoT Solutions is the Technology Distributor in Latin America, with locations in The United States, Brazil and Mexico.

Focused on enabling the industry implement industrial I-IoT solutions, our company had selected Key Technology Vendors with a proven track record of successful implementations in Mining, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and some related industries.

We believe that our 30+ years of experience selling, deploying and supporting information technology solutions in LATAM, we will provide for our partners and customers great value, fast implementation, and quick ROI.

Patner Resellers

CEC Consulting

Litmus, ProcessMiner Partner

São Paulo / SP / Brazil


Phone +55 (41) 3402-1707
Curitiba/ PR/ Brazil

ProcessMiner and Xalt

Phone +55 (31) 3370-7787
Belo Horizonte / MG / Brazil


Phone +52 (55) 5273-0767
Ciudad de México / México


Phone +51 943 117 111
Lima / Perú

SmartAcqua Partner

Phone +55 (21) 2120-0420
Rio de Janeiro / RJ / Brazil

ProcessMiner and Xalt Partner

Rio de Janeiro / RJ/ Brazil

ProcessMiner and Xalt Partner

Phone +55 (11) 4200 - 8282
São Paulo / SP / Brazil

Saad Solutions

Litmus, ProcessMiner and Xalt Partner

Phone +55 (11) 94084-5186
Barueri / SP / Brazil


Phone +51 997 246 283
Lima / Perú