About the Platform

The SmartAcqua Solution is focused on the combat and management of water losses, leveraging Artificial Intelligence concepts and algorithms created over the last 20 years, which together with field data and data from the client’s commercial systems interpret, leverage, punctuate and economically prioritize the combat of water losses, generating optimized Action Plans and Operational Management with a focus on revenue maximization and cost minimization in the operation and production of water in supply systems.
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What It Offers


Provides a dedicated environment for consultation, information, guidance, referral, planning, action management and outcome evolution on reducing drinking water losses commercial and physical losses

Fight Waste

Developed exclusively to water losses fighting in search of efficiency for the water utility companies, substantially reduces the time between information, decision and field actions compared to conventional systems


Providing an easy to use environment to maximize revenue at water utility companies as well as minimize resources and operating costs

Public Polices

Providing universal service, increasing social welfare and minimizing environmental impact by significantly reducing water losses