One Platform To Collect, Analyze, Manage And Integrate Edge Data

Litmus Edge is the only edge platform that connects to all industrial assets – PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian, Sensors, ERP and more. From data collection and analytics, to data integration and management, Litmus is an all-in-one platform that is easy-to-use and deploy, offering Industry 4.0 companies everything they need to improve operations at the edge.

Out-Of-Box Connectivity To Any Plc, Scada, Mes, Historian Or Sensor

Take advantage of hundreds of pre-built and pre-loaded device drivers to connect Litmus Edge to any PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian, ERP, database or sensor out of the box with no programming. Our industry-leading driver library delivers rapid device connectivity and unmatched time-to-value.

Real-Time Data Collection, Processing And Normalization

Litmus Edge collects industrial device data and provides the critical data processing, normalization and storage needed to power real-time data analytics, monitoring, visualization and insights at the edge. Normalized data can be easily shared between any edge, big data, cloud or enterprise system.

Analyze And Take Action On Real-Time Data At The Source

Access pre-built and ready-to-use KPIs for asset utilization, asset uptime and downtime, capacity utilization and more. Setup up real-time alerts to take action at the data source based on pre-defined events. Leverage edge data to run advanced analytics and machine learning models that can then be applied back to edge devices.

Integrate With Any Cloud, Big Data Or Enterprise Application

Easily publish data from the edge directly into Azure, AWS, SAP and other cloud, big data and enterprise applications by configuring connectors from Litmus Edge. Data from these enterprise systems can also be pushed back to industrial devices enabling true edge-to-anywhere-and-back data connectivity.

Pre-Built Edge Solutions That Accelerate Time-To-Value

Litmus Edge offers a Marketplace that can be used to dramatically simplify how applications, solutions and services are managed and deployed at the edge. Access 45+ preloaded applications, or build custom applications and publish them to a private or public marketplace.

Flexible Deployment That Scales To Meet Business Demand

Easily deploy Litmus Edge in any industrial factory or warehouse with data collection sensors. Installed as an OS on any gateway, VM or server at the edge, Litmus Edge can run as an offline deployment or securely and non-invasively connected to industrial edge systems.

How Litmus Edge Works

Our Industrial Edge Computing Platform seamlessly combines asset connectivity, data collection, data normalization, data storage, data analytics, OT-IT data integration, and a marketplace of 45+ purpose-built edge applications, all in a single solution that can be securely hosted on any edge gateway, server / VM.

With hundreds of pre-loaded drivers and protocols, Litmus Edge can connect to any modern or legacy data source right out of the box. DeviceHub enables automatic discovery of devices with no coding required.

Litmus Edge collects and normalizes the data into one standard format so it can be made available to various Litmus Edge components for local processing and analytics or third-party enterprise integrations.


Customize workflows to process data and configure data flows inside Litmus Edge or push data out of the system. The flows editor is drag-and-drop so there is no need to write code in the Litmus Edge interface.


Purpose-built analytics and pre-built KPIs dramatically reduce manual setup and configuration time. Ready-analytics based on common industrial KPIs dramatically accelerate time-to-value and transform your OT team into data scientists.

Take action on the edge intelligence gained on the shop floor immediately by creating alerts and workflows for process improvement. Litmus Edge can push commands back to your assets or send out alerts to your OT team based on specific thresholds.

Analyze data at the edge with a public marketplace that includes 45+ preloaded applications.  Custom applications can also be created, deployed and managed within Litmus Edge and your own private marketplace.

Seamlessly integrate OT with IT by sharing data across the organization. Data can be analyzed at the edge, pushed to the cloud, into data lakes, or integrated into any enterprise application to meet multiple business needs.

Use the critical edge data collected and analyzed by Litmus Edge to deploy event processing, machine learning models, and Lambda functions at the edge. Run intelligent models for improved business decisions in real-time.

Complete the feedback loop and send critical data back to assets for continuous optimization. A permanent feedback loop will provide intelligence at the edge to continually improve efficiency, uptime, margins and quality on the factory floor.

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