Process Industry

Drive Efficiency Across Your Factory

Plastic, food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries share continuous or long production runs. Operators hold all the knowledge of the process  making very dificult for the managers to make a fine tunning in the process .

The increase of their productivity depends on complicated analysis of several parameters of their lines and equipment and data from various systems such as Manufacturing Execution System, SCADA and ERP, the integration between those systems are costly and risky.

Understanding those challenges, we offer a platform with easy implementation and integration with other systems.

  • Have data in real time of each production line.
  • Analyze production history and production times.
  • Get predictive data on quality, equipment and efficiency failures.
  • Have artificial intelligence analysis of the best configuration of your production lines to increase the OEE of your plant.


Learn more about the Oden platform and how it can help your process industry become more efficient and productive.