The New Standard for Sensor Data Management

An end-to-end solution for complete sensor data capture, standardization and real-time data visualization

Fully customizable and sensor agnostic, the sensemetrics platform elevates decision making by creating unparalleled data transparency.

Differentiated by a true cloud design, a unified technology stack and open API-driven architecture, the sensemetrics platform enables seamless transfer of sensor data via your preferred gateway, managed via one unified technology platform and transformed into critical real-time business intelligence.

The sensemetrics platform helps organizations to reduce the cost and complexity of sensor management in industrial environments by removing the need for multiple point solution installations, IT integration, extensive services and customization. The sensemetrics IIoT platform includes software, tools and technologies addressing all aspects of data and process management, enterprise applications and IIoT ecosystem integration.

Core Application Suite Features


Top down view of project sites via 2D base maps with sensor data displayed at each sensor location


Create multiple graph types from sensor data including time series, XY, and scatter for data visualization and analysis


Automatically receive real-time email notifications containing calculation metrics and sensor status when sensor data reaches user specified thresholds

Data Tables

View data from multiple sensor types in standardized data tables for easy insight and comparison

Productivity Applications


Powerful tools for report creation and distribution, and linking reports to real-time charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards

Slope Stability

Unparalleled insight into slope movements with real-time displacement data appearing as color-coded vectors

Remote Sensing

Visualize and analyze remote sensing data in geospatial context with distributed sensor networks


Management and visualization tools for outdoor condition monitoring of weather, air quality, and particulates

Slope Modeling

Perform automated and near real-time limit equilibrium slope analysis of soil or rock slopes with streaming sensor input

Core Application Suite Features


Securely login to your sensemetrics cloud account and commission sensor networks using only your phone. Scan the unique Thread QR code using your phone camera to easily add a Thread device to your account. Instantly access your data from any sensor, anywhere.

Download the sensemetrics app now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

System Pictures