Maximize Quality & Output with Industrial IoT Software

What is Industrial IoT?

Industrial IoT, also known as Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things, refers to the application of connected device networks across the factory floor. In other words, Industrial IoT provides a digital interface that allows the collection, communication and storage of disparate data from machines and manufacturing systems such as ERP, MES and quality systems. This data can then be analyzed by machine learning and predictive analytics technologies to provide real-time insights, allowing manufacturers to optimize production runs and perfect peak factory performance.

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A suite of Industrial IoT and applied analytics solutions designed to solve the everyday problems manufacturers face on the factory floor.

Predict and prevent quality failures with real-time alerts enabling teams to take action fast.

Prevent extended downtime with condition-based monitoring of machines and components.

 Minimize unplanned downtime and excessive product changeover times with advanced analytics.

Reduce scrap and material waste with predictive alerts when excessive rates are detected.

Quickly isolate when and where defects occur in the production process to limit impact.

Use Studies

Golden Run™

Predictive Performance

Operationalize your most profitable production parameters by relying on predictive performance analytics to increase throughput without sacrificing quality.

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